Global Warming Questions I Would Like To See Addressed By Rep. Kendra Horn:

1. Is global warming, in fact, occurring?

2. If it is occurring, is it significant? Do we truly understand the phenomenon?

3. If global warming is occurring, and if it is significant, does human activity account for a significant portion of it?

4. Can anything be done about it?

5. What are the cost/benefit factors in the proposed solutions? How many jobs may be lost due to increased governmental regulations? How many of those jobs will be high-paying oil & gas jobs located in Oklahoma, Texas and South Dakota? How certain can we be that we can predict the unintended consequences of such interventions?

6. If the United States were to force additional costly changes on its citizens, will it have any real impact as long as China, India & Russia failed to take similar measures?

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(STOP HERE if offended by

political incorrectness !!)

"The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." 

~ George Orwell ~

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? “We’ve got to get back to the foundation at home with the parenting.”? Former NFL running back Reggie Bush feels a big reason for the problem of violence in black neighborhoods, is a dearth of fathers. According to the Institute for Family Studies, about 70% of black children were born out of wedlock in 2018. In the aftermath of the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles earlier this month, FS1 had a panel discussion on the debate show Speak For Yourself, on how to reduce violence in the black community. The panel consisted of Bush, former NFL receiver Greg Jennings, ex-NBA star Stephen Jackson, and host Jason Whitlock, all African-American. “So to me, we’ve got to get back to the foundation at home with the parenting,” said Bush, a former USC star. “A lot of boys who I grew up with didn’t have their dads. A lot of guys I knew in the NFL didn’t have their dads growing up. So for me, I learned from a lot of the men through football. Football became that father for me because that is where other men there. The issue with that is I’m learning from other men who are just as broken as me.” Whitlock agreed with Bush. “If you don’t restore the family, it’s hard to correct anything, it’s hard to produce anything positive,” Whitlock said. “My real dad was not in my life growing up,” Bush said. “The foundation of why I wanted to be so great on the football field was I wanted to make my dad jealous. That’s what led to this was resentment and aggression that I grew up with towards my real dad. And as I got older I realized my dad never had his dad in his life. My dad met his dad for the first time five years ago. My dad is 53-years-old. My biological grandfather, who I still haven’t met to this day, lived in L.A. this whole time.”

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Happy birthday to the man! @cee2x___ . Wish him HBD in the comments!

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Sad but true.

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Great opening weekend for the @okc_dodgers @bricktown @downtownokc @visitokc

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Open Streets OKC!! @news9 @openstreetsokc (FYI: this dog is only 17 months old, and he weighs more than I do ??)

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Skunked on turkeys, but not on morels! #oklahoma #outdoors #turkeyhunting #morel #mushrooms

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Attn: @BernieSanders and @AOC, #Socialism

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No other player in pro basketball history has averaged a triple-double in 3 straight seasons before Russell Westbrook. His assist to Steven Adams on April 5th, may have been his niftiest of the season.

Is there a single profession out there, that as a group & not necessarily individually, whines & bellyaches more than classroom teachers?

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is successful in destroying Oklahoma’s energy industry, what is her detailed plan for us to replace the lost revenue?

Come on back weatherman Gary England. After all the kind words you said of me, what could I have possibly said to get on your bad side? Am I to conclude that you have gone over to the dark side and become a snowflake ?? Might weather forecasters have the thinnest skin of any creatures walking Planet Earth today, or could the "Twitter Gods" be engaging in some "tomfoolery" with my account ?? 

Despite being blocked, with an assist from Julian Assange, I have been able to tap into Weatherman England’s Super-Secret Twitter feed he desires to be hidden from my view:

Were I not blocked; I would add the following comments to Weatherman England’s Super-Secret Twitter feed:





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Never be defenseless.

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Zion could enter the draft as the best collegiate prospect since Anthony Davis, according to Kevin Pelton ?

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??America’s Real Team ??? @bakermayfield @juice_landry #browns #bakermayfield

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Too soon? #InvestigateTheInvestigation

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What a day. Added a throw back bonus meme for the real fans. *link in bio*

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Alabama Senate advances bill to allow people to donate their tax refunds to help fund the border wall

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There can only be one ?

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Trae with the winner AND the silencer ? #SCtop10

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Hahahaha. It will never happen but it should after this 2 year fiasco.

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thankfully, some things never change. #4MrThunder

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SPRING IN HER STEP: A bison celebrated the first day of spring with what the North Carolina Zoo called a "happy dance."

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Tragic: The welfare state has incentivized black fatherlessness.

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Biggest crappie I’ve ever caught! Last minute fishing trip totally paid off today ?

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For 2017-18 school year, Oklahoma taxpayers were forced to “fork over” an additional $65,751,400 to subsidize bilingual students. How many teacher pay raises might this fund? Could this money be better spent on American citizens ??

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??? Not sure I’d take their approach but not to sure I understand any of the nonsense the Democrats have come up with lately.

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Just one miss ?. Using the @volquartsen_firearms 22 LR Scorpion ?

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NOVEMBER 23, 2014



FEBRUARY 16, 2015





NOVEMBER 22, 2014



Top 10

Taxpayer Enemies


Those Individuals Or Groups Most Intent On Penalizing Success & Achievement & Desiring A Return To The Days Of Low Economic Growth During The Jimmy Carter/Barry Obama Era


(in order, as of today)

The Caracas Caucus


(the Top 10 “Americans” who seem most hell-bent on destroying our jobs & economy in order to advance the cause of centralized government control over our lives and private businesses)

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The Terrorist Caucus


Those Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across As Ambivalent Towards Islamic

Terror Activities




Why does the OKC Mayor refuse to answer this simple question? Is she hiding something?