Who Knew ??

The "Kooky Kevin" Ogle

Family & "Left-Wing Ali" Meyer 

Appear To Be “Flame-Throwing


(Has KFOR and KOCO abandoned the idea of unbiased newsreaders and shifted towards left-leaning “bomb throwers” ??   ...  and does it make strong economic sense to have 2 of the 3 main television stations in OKC gear its marketing efforts to the Bernie "Grumpy" Sanders & Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren voter ?? Perhaps, left-leaning station management is intentionally pursuing a business strategy to spread "Fake News" in an effort to curry favor with this niche !! Merely a coincidence that the only locally-owned station, KWTV, tends to espouse more traditional Oklahoma and American values?)

As Art Linkletter might say, Teleprompter readers can say the darndest things !!

Might they be entertaining contract offers from Pravda or MSNBC ??

“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”

~Maurice “No Relation To Barry” Switzer~

… and what’s the deal with the extremely naive, slightly below-average IQ, “Angry Abigail” Ogle ??

Ironically, “Angry Abigail’s” Uncle Kelly has indicated that he got his Concealed Carry Permit sometime around the first part of 2017. (Good for him !!)

Might “Left-Wing Ali” Meyer feel

more at home in San Francisco,

Boston or Havana  ??

Was Ms. Meyer house-hunting in her much beloved Communist Cuba ??

The book being read by “Left-Wing Ali” is on the “must-read” list for those on the far-left who believe in appeasing radical dictators & the total and complete wussification of the American male !! Unconfirmed rumors suggest that she forces her husband to sit on the toilet when doing # 1.

“Left-Wing Ali” appears threatened by the Conservative point-of-view!! Time for her to relocate to the Peoples Republic of San Francisco to be closer to “her kind ??”

No surprise that “Left-Wing Ali’s” “girly-man” spouse would want to be photographed in front of a picture of Che Guevara, the Argentine Marxist revolutionary. Why does "Left-Wing Ali" appear to have such a love for Marxism ??

“Left-Wing Ali” appears to have already indoctrinated her own children with Communist propaganda !!

Using the "Kooky Kevin" Ogle Family & "Left-Wing Ali" Meyer as a sample, one could argue that the Communists have made solid inroads into local news coverage with respect to       Goal # 20 and Goal # 21

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Due to the alleged gang activity and drug dealing at the nearby Chelsea Manor Apts. & 7-11 Convenience Store, I would personally recommend "packing some heat" while in this area (and perhaps Penn Square Mall as well). Some believe the OKC Police Dept. has become wussified and are too intimidated to confront these gangbangers and put them behind bars where they rightfully belong. "Talk on the Street" seems to be that the wussification emanates from an extremely weak & naive Mayor who purportedly suffers from a severe case of "Low T," a weak City Manager, a new, effeminate-looking Police Chief, who refuses to enforce our nation's immigration laws & a Ward 6 Council Girl who took her Oath Of Office using a book on Marxism.

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Just one miss ?. Using the @volquartsen_firearms 22 LR Scorpion ?

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Make The University of Oklahoma Great Again!


(Let us return to the time before the “Loudmouth Communist Snowflakes” and the less than competent financial administrators arrived on campus)


NOVEMBER 23, 2014



FEBRUARY 16, 2015





NOVEMBER 22, 2014



Top 10

Taxpayer Enemies


Those Individuals Or Groups Most Intent On Penalizing Success & Achievement & Desiring A Return To The Days Of Low Economic Growth During The Jimmy Carter/Barry Obama - "Sleepy Joe" Biden Era


(in order, as of today)

The Caracas Caucus


(the Top 10 “Americans” who seem most hell-bent on destroying our jobs & economy in order to advance the cause of centralized government control over our lives and private businesses to the point where we are forced to surrender our individual liberties to the state)

The Terrorist Caucus


Those Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across  To Me As Ambivalent Towards Islamic

Terror Activities

The “Soft On Crime” Caucus


The Top 10 Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across  To Me As Coddling The Criminal Element At The Expense Of The Public Safety Of  Law-Abiding Citizens

The “Ugly” Caucus


The Top 10 Individuals On The Taxpayer Payroll That Strike Me As Being Just As Unattractive On The Inside As They Are On The Outside.