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"The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." 

~ George Orwell ~

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Revealed: JFK Worried Pelosi's Dad Was Associated With Organized Crime ...might Pelosi be concerned that Trump might unclassify docs related to her crime-boss dad... ...do people deserve to know the truth about Nancy...

-- Greg Karnes realGregKarnes Sunday, January 10, 2021
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The Immaculate Deception 12... by The Conservative Treehouse

The Biden - Sanders Manifesto by Greg Karnes


I have identified what appears as another big-government, high-tax Socialist, employed locally by the low-rated KOCO News.

Judging from his work, the effeminate-looking, Dillon Richards, is unlikely to be employed for any length of time in this market. He seemingly lacks the chops necessary to succeed in OKC.

Change my mind if you feel as if my assessment of this cub-reporter might be incorrect.

With advertising revenue dwindling to nothing, will the purported heaviest Socialist employee of the Fake News Daily Oklahoman be the next one terminated ??

You are invited to attempt to change my mind should you feel as though my assessment is out-of-bounds.

Jessica Martinez-Brooks to seek Ward 3 Council Seat by Greg Karnes on Scribd

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‪Are you outraged too?‬ ‪(H/T T.T.)‬ SebGorka.com‬

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If Oklahoma City Mayor, David “Pajama Boy” Holt, and Oklahoma City Police Chief, “Wily” Wade Gourley, are going to refuse to obey state law, should the rest of us be allowed to “pick & choose” the laws we desire to follow?

Oklahoma House Bill 1804 by Greg Karnes on Scribd

Oklahoma City has a  "1% for Art Ordinance" which requires at least 1% of the construction budget for every public project to be spent on public art.

Is this an unnecessary taxpayer burden that only could be appreciated by a California politician such as Gavin Newsom, or is it the highest and best use of precious taxpayer dollars?

As an example, MAPS 4 has budgeted $38 million for an animal shelter. Why in the world does it make responsible economic sense to require that $380,000 of taxpayer money be expended on artwork for an animal shelter?

Public Art in Oklahoma City by Greg Karnes on Scribd

Come on back weatherman Gary England. After all the kind words you said of me, what could I have possibly said to get on your bad side? Am I to conclude that you have gone over to the dark side and become a snowflake ?? Might weather forecasters have the thinnest skin of any creatures walking Planet Earth today, or could the "Twitter Gods" be engaging in some "tomfoolery" with my account ?? 

Despite being blocked, with an assist from Julian Assange, I have been able to tap into Weatherman England’s Super-Secret Twitter feed he desires to be hidden from my view:

Were I not blocked; I would add the following comments to Weatherman England’s Super-Secret Twitter feed:





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For 2017-18 school year, Oklahoma taxpayers were forced to “fork over” an additional $65,751,400 to subsidize bilingual students. How many teacher pay raises might this fund? Could this money be better spent on American citizens ??

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Due to the alleged gang activity and drug dealing at the nearby Chelsea Manor Apts. & 7-11 Convenience Store, I would personally recommend "packing some heat" while in this area (and perhaps Penn Square Mall as well). Some believe the OKC Police Dept. has become wussified and are too intimidated to confront these gangbangers and put them behind bars where they rightfully belong. "Talk on the Street" seems to be that the wussification emanates from an extremely weak & naive Mayor who purportedly suffers from a severe case of "Low T," a weak City Manager, a new, effeminate-looking Police Chief, who refuses to enforce our nation's immigration laws & a Ward 6 Council Girl who took her Oath Of Office using a book on Marxism.

Calm Guide Sheet by Greg Karnes on Scribd

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Just one miss ?. Using the @volquartsen_firearms 22 LR Scorpion ?

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Make The University of Oklahoma Great Again!


(Let us return to the time before the “Loudmouth Communist Snowflakes” and the less than competent financial administrators arrived on campus)


NOVEMBER 23, 2014



FEBRUARY 16, 2015





NOVEMBER 22, 2014



Top 10

Taxpayer Enemies


Those Individuals Or Groups Most Intent On Penalizing Success & Achievement & Desiring A Return To The Days Of Low Economic Growth During The Jimmy Carter/Barry Obama - "Sleepy Joe" Biden Era


(in order, as of today)

The Caracas Caucus


(the Top 10 “Americans” who seem most hell-bent on destroying our jobs & economy in order to advance the cause of centralized government control over our lives and private businesses to the point where we are forced to surrender our individual liberties to the state)

The Terrorist Caucus


Those Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across  To Me As Ambivalent Towards Islamic

Terror Activities

The “Soft On Crime” Caucus


The Top 10 Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across  To Me As Coddling The Criminal Element At The Expense Of The Public Safety Of  Law-Abiding Citizens

The “Ugly” Caucus


The Top 10 Individuals On The Taxpayer Payroll That Strike Me As Being Just As Unattractive On The Inside As They Are On The Outside.