Ahhhh Socialism...where people wait in line for bread, as opposed to Capitalism, where bread waits on shelves for people.

January 5, 2108

Harold Hamm’s Opinion on President Trump

June 12, 2017

Why Temporary Corporate Income Tax Cuts Won’t Generate Much Growth

April 30, 2016

What you need to know about Socialism

The Economic Situation (From Mercatus Center – Bruce Yandle) by Greg Karnes

June 10, 2015


The Economic Situation (From Mercatus Center – Bruce Yandle)


The US Economy has been stagnating since March. This slowdown in growth is associated with faster money printing presses in Europe and falling economic growth in China and Asia. It is also a result of bad monetary policy from the Federal Reserve. There should be little doubt that the regulations put on the economy by the government would produce these negative results as history has shown most regulations tend to do this.

1,000 People a Day - Why Red States Are Getting Richer and Blue States Poorer (From Heritage Foundation-Ste... by Greg Karnes

May 05, 2015


1,000 People a Day: Why Red States Are Getting Richer and Blue States Poorer


Every day in America the 50 states compete against each other for people, jobs, investment capital, and overall prosperity. This interstate competition is economically healthy because it forces governors and legislators to adopt fiscal and regulatory policies that maximize job opportunities and prosperity for their citizens. Right-to-work laws and low income taxes are the two policies that matter most in terms of the prosperity of states. If every state were to adopt the pro-growth policies recommended in this study, each state and the nation as a whole would be better off.

March 25, 2015


The Hudsucker Proxy Shows the Value of a Price-Coordinated System


Market prices are signals that help people figure out what economic activity is valuable to society and what isn’t. The film The Hudsucker Proxy helps us to see the point, explains Andrew Heaton in the latest edition of EconPop:

March 02, 2015


Making the New Normal Meaningful


The strategies that raise a country from poor to middle-income status will not work to raise it from middle-income to rich. Poor countries have very different capital stock, labor productivity, land utilization, and capacity for innovation than middle-income countries. Unfortunately, old policies seem politically easy. Many middle-income countries try to become rich by sticking to a development model that no longer works. This is the middle-income trap, and it makes the concept of “the new economic normal” in China a very valuable one. If it is more than a slogan, the new economic normal can help China escape the middle-income trap. It must feature policies that: 1. Increase competition, not cooperation, in the corporate sector. 2. Give farmers sharper rights to their land, as the original reforms did in 1978. 3. Rapidly integrate labor markets, so a shrinking workforce is more productive. 4. Dramatically slow or halt the accumulation of debt to avoid stagnation.

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February 5, 2015

A slump without a stimulus: It happened in 1921. James Grant tells the story of how the economy recovered without government intervention or expansion:

January 30, 2015

Free To Prosper: A Pro-Growth Agenda for the 114th Congress

With the start of the 114th Congress comes a fresh opportunity to address the challenges created by a broken government. The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s top policy proposals for the 114th Congress center on substantive regulatory reforms needed to improve America’s economic health. In 2014 alone, 3,541 new regulations hit the books, and the burden is constantly growing. If federal regulations were a country, their cost would amount to the world’s 10th largest economy. In addition, CEI recommends that Congress continue to conduct fundamental oversight to protect Americans from executive overreach. Over the last six years, federal agencies have sought to usurp power from the legislative branch. Congress has a responsibility to demand honesty and accountability from our leaders and defend the rule of law.

Free to Prosper.pdf
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Due to the alleged gang activity and drug dealing at the nearby Chelsea Manor Apts. & 7-11 Convenience Store, I would personally recommend "packing some heat" while in this area (and perhaps Penn Square Mall as well). Some believe the OKC Police Dept. has become wussified and are too intimidated to confront these gangbangers and put them behind bars where they rightfully belong. "Talk on the Street" seems to be that the wussification emanates from an extremely weak & naive Mayor who purportedly suffers from a severe case of "Low T," a weak City Manager, a new, effeminate-looking Police Chief, who refuses to enforce our nation's immigration laws & a Ward 6 Council Girl who took her Oath Of Office using a book on Marxism.

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Just one miss ?. Using the @volquartsen_firearms 22 LR Scorpion ?

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Need to be a long-time Sooner fan to appreciate this. Video was taken in August 2018 in a friend's kitchen. Former Sooner broadcaster John "Disco" Brooks & Marcus Dupree. Cameo by former Mayor Mick Cornett,

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Make The University of Oklahoma Great Again!


(Let us return to the time before the “Loudmouth Communist Snowflakes” and the less than competent financial administrators arrived on campus)


NOVEMBER 23, 2014



FEBRUARY 16, 2015





NOVEMBER 22, 2014



Top 10

Taxpayer Enemies


Those Individuals Or Groups Most Intent On Penalizing Success & Achievement & Desiring A Return To The Days Of Low Economic Growth During The Jimmy Carter/Barry Obama - "Sleepy Joe" Biden Era


(in order, as of today)

The Caracas Caucus


(the Top 10 “Americans” who seem most hell-bent on destroying our jobs & economy in order to advance the cause of centralized government control over our lives and private businesses to the point where we are forced to surrender our individual liberties to the state)

The Terrorist Caucus


Those Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across  To Me As Ambivalent Towards Islamic

Terror Activities

The “Soft On Crime” Caucus


The Top 10 Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across  To Me As Coddling The Criminal Element At The Expense Of The Public Safety Of  Law-Abiding Citizens

The “Ugly” Caucus


The Top 10 Individuals On The Taxpayer Payroll That Strike Me As Being Just As Unattractive On The Inside As They Are On The Outside.