Who knew ?? BloombergBusiness alleges that Mexican Drug Gangs were using 3 accounts at Bank of America in Oklahoma City to launder drug money !!

October 7, 2015

Justice Department to Release 6,000 Federal Prison Inmates

What could go wrong?

The Nation’s Worst State Attorneys General 2015 (From Competitive Enterprise Institute - Hans Bader) by Greg Karnes

August 28, 2015


The Nation’s Worst State Attorneys General 2015 (From Competitive Enterprise Institute - Hans Bader)


The following have earned a spot on this year’s list of the nation’s worst state Attorneys General: Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania; Jim Hood, Mississippi; Tom Miller, Iowa; Kamala Harris, California; William Sorrell, Vermont; Eric Schneiderman, New York.

The Utter Failure of Liberal Crime Fighters - Poverty and Progress in New York IV - Crime Trends During the... by Greg Karnes

August 21, 2015


The Utter Failure of Liberal Crime Fighters - Poverty and Progress In New York IV - Crime Trends During the First Six Months of 2015 (From Manhattan Institute - Stephen Eide)


During the first 18 months of the de Blasio administration, murders and other forms of crime trended in opposite directions. At each six-month interval over the past one and a half years, total crime has been down. The murder rate, by contrast, has been slowly transitioning from being down (-10.5 percent, six months into 2014), to up (11 percent, six months into 2015). Shooting incidents were up at each six-month interval since the Bloomberg administration left office. The experience of low-income neighborhoods has been mixed. Some neighborhoods have experienced decreases in murders, shootings, and/or total crime. Others have seen virtually no relief from their high murder rates since the de Blasio administration took office. The greatest demand for policing, measured in terms of 911 calls, continues to be found mostly in low-income neighborhoods.

Liberalizing Marijuana Use and Improving Driving Safety - Two Contemporary Public Policies on a Collision C... by Greg Karnes

June 25, 2015


Liberalizing Marijuana Use and Improving Driving Safety: Two Contemporary Public Policies on a Collision Course (From The Heritage Foundation – Paul Larkin)


Historically, America’s marijuana and alcohol policies developed independently, but each one buttressed the other’s salutary effects. Today, an increase in the number of marijuana users is likely to lead to an increase in the number of marijuana-impaired or marijuana-and-alcohol-impaired drivers. Society needs to be able to takes steps to prevent medical and recreational marijuana initiatives from increasing the mortality and morbidity that alcohol-impaired driving already imposes. One way to achieve that goal would be to lower the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) cap of 0.08 grams per deciliter (g/dL) from 0.08 g/dL to 0.05 g/dL or lower for everyone who is a registered medical marijuana patient, or even across the board. That response might be only a small step toward improving highway safety, but it certainly would be a useful one.

Baltimore’s Real Police Problem (From Hoover Institution-Richard a. Epstein) by Greg Karnes

May 04, 2015


Baltimore’s Real Police Problem


The recent unrest in Baltimore has been dominating the headlines. But the real story is less about the particulars of the gruesome death of Freddie Gray and more about the set of policies that have increased the odds of such tragedies happening. These policies cover a broad range of issues, from police practices to public education. But they all bear the mark of progressive thinking, which has reduced the legitimate prospects for advancement and increased the odds of social disruption. In Baltimore, the government is confronted with a choice between two constituencies: unions and people in need. The tragedy of the modern progressive movement is that it prioritizes the former at the expense of the latter. The people of Baltimore deserve better. They deserve a decent education and a safe place to live.

The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing by Greg Karnes

May 3, 2015


The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing


It appears that the game plan for Baltimore was already written back in March when some of the big-government types decided that we needed to use some of these events to put local policing under Washington bureaucrats.


The professional grievance crowd has all of the Marxist planets aligned.   They have the DNC approved black female mayor Stephanie Rawlings; they have their rock star activist attorney Marilyn Mosby, and they have a strategically planned opportunity to win by losing. (Obviously, oblivious to the 10th Amendment to the Constitution)

January 8, 2015

Why We Need Broken Windows Policing

Critics have posed a variety of arguments against Broken Windows. Some assert that it is synonymous with the controversial patrol tactic known as “stop, question, and frisk.” Others allege that Broken Windows is discriminatory, used as a tool to target minorities. Some academics claim that Broken Windows has no effect on serious crime and that demographic and economic causes better explain the reductions in crime in New York and across the United States. Still other critics suggest that order-maintenance policing leads to over-incarceration or tries to impose a white middle-class morality on urban populations. It is rare to have the opportunity and space to correct all the misconceptions and misrepresentations embedded in such charges. We will counter them here, one by one.

Why We Need Broken Windows Policing.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.9 MB]

Homicide Trends in the United States 1980-2008 by Greg Karnes

November 2011


Black Lives Matter (93% of black murders are committed by other blacks)


Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008


This report contains a series of tables and figures that

describe homicide patterns and trends in the United

States from 1980 through 2008. It also includes overall homicide rates for 2009 and 2010 (for which detailed data are not yet available).

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Due to the alleged gang activity and drug dealing at the nearby Chelsea Manor Apts. & 7-11 Convenience Store, I would personally recommend "packing some heat" while in this area (and perhaps Penn Square Mall as well). Some believe the OKC Police Dept. has become too constrained and are hesitant to confront these gangbangers and put them behind bars where they rightfully belong. "Talk on the Street" seems to be that this emanates from an extremely weak & naive Mayor who purportedly suffers from a severe case of "Low T," a weak City Manager, a new, effeminate-looking Police Chief, who refuses to enforce our nation's immigration laws & a Ward 6 Council Girl who took her Oath Of Office using a book on Marxism.

Everything that Mayor David “Pajama Boy” Holt & Police Chief “Wily” Wade Gourley need to know to improve law enforcement in OKC is in this book…if only they had some courage...

Calm Guide Sheet by Greg Karnes on Scribd

Make The University of Oklahoma Great Again!


(Let us return to the time before the “Loudmouth Communist Snowflakes” and the less than competent financial administrators arrived on campus)


NOVEMBER 23, 2014



FEBRUARY 16, 2015





NOVEMBER 22, 2014



Top 10

Taxpayer Enemies


Those Individuals Or Groups Who Seem Most Intent On Penalizing Success & Achievement & Desiring A Return To The Days Of Low Economic Growth During The Jimmy Carter/Barry Obama - "Sleepy Joe" Biden Era


(in order, as of today)

The Caracas Caucus


(the Top 10 “Americans” who seem most hell-bent on destroying our jobs & economy in order to advance the cause of centralized government control over our lives and private businesses to the point where we are forced to surrender our individual liberties to the state)

The Terrorist Caucus


Those Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across  To Me As Ambivalent Towards Islamic

Terror Activities

The "Soft On Crime"

"Hug-A-Thug" Caucus


The Top 10 Individuals Or Groups Who

Come Across  To Me As Coddling The Criminal Element At The Expense Of The Public Safety Of  Law-Abiding Citizens

The “Ugly” Caucus


The Top 10 Individuals On The Taxpayer Payroll That Strike Me As Being Just As Unattractive On The Inside As They Are On The Outside.




The United States leads the world in CO2 reductions

Is the individual depicted above the most ill-prepared person Oklahoma has ever had in a General Election for a U.S. Senate seat?